truck flatbeds



We finally got time to work on our own truck.   SinCal Fabrication has created a new flatbed for ourselves.




Ready to go.

    Here it is at work!


Here is new sides for an old flatbed truck and fresh blue paint on the whole bed and sides.  Click on a picture to enlarge, and then use your "back" button to return to this page.  Not all pictures will enlarge.

Right, a custom slider step for
a toyota tundra.


Left, a custom flatbed with prerunner bumpers and headache bar.


At right, a custom built race car cage.

SinCal Fabrication has created a new flatbed for Modesto Steel -- a brand new delivery truck with a 24' bed





Left:  final product. 

Below: Some pictures
before the flatbed
was attached to
the truck:



we do great work!
below, a small truck
flatbed, only 6' x 6'


here is a new flatbed for a ford
used for construction:




below, a new flatbed for an old friend.



Finally, the Toyota is ready to go!

     Sand, here we come!






Above, Mill Creek Construction's finished flatbed.

below is a cage made for a jeep:



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