Trailer repairs, branding irons, hitching posts, barbeques and other fabrications

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Above, some new planters and a low table.  Amazing what you can make out of steel!

Next, some accessories for a Jeep trailer and an RV.

And a set of handrails for a prominent lawyer's office.


For fun, a couple of flag holders - these will fit into your hitch receiver.


Above, a trailer fender before repair.  Fender after repair: photo below.



Here is a cargo trailer that has been in an accident and is now repaired and back on the road.

Below are the pictures of the same trailer before repair and new paint.



Below, a branding iron.  Make your own design.


A "Best of Show" trophy we built for Mike Webb's Car Show, Blast from the Past,  2014.

Above, some new benches for the river!


Above left, horse stocks (for medicating large animals) designed to go into the ground about 2 feet. 
 At right, installed. 


Above, hitching posts for San Mateo Mounted Patrol, installed at Alice's Restaurant in Woodside.  These were designed to rust "naturally."

Above, new tongue and jack installed.

  Here's a trailer after a collision with a large iron gate.

Above, front of horse trailer repaired after collision.

Below, some barbeques - several different styles









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Below, two views of a forklift boom for lifting large slabs of granite or other stone.